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Food & Community
Food & Government

Spork offers a wide range of services focused on food systems. We are a small, Alaskan based consulting company, with a geographically and experientially broad network of collaborators.

Spork is focused on understanding and enhancing our current food systems. We strive to integrate concepts of environmental, economic, and social sustainability, self-sufficiency, and health to improve, directly or indirectly, community food security.

Food & Economics
  • Triple bottom line business development

  • Economic research and analysis

  • Web-based surveys and data collection

  • Assessment and implementation of corporate food policies and activities

  • Restaurant menu analysis

  • Economic development around historic harvests

  • Value-added services

  • Small business start-ups

  • Food hubs, CSA's and CSF's

  • Statistical analysis

Food & Community
  • Systems mapping and analysis​

  • Food sovereignty assessment

  • Community food assessment

  • Usage, supply, and health mapping

  • Identify and connect local food options with organizations

  • Community organizing

  • Event planning and facilitation

  • Emergency preparedness plans​

  • Grant writing and management

  • Food security assessments for rural, urban, and developing population centers

Food & Government
  • Toolkits and guidance document development

  • Primary and secondary data collection and analysis

  • Health impact assessments

  • Environmental sampling​

  • Social research

  • Public space dynamics

  • Policy development

  • Literature review


Spork Consulting, LLC

Anchorage, AK 99508

Tel: 907-242-4779

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