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Food & Community

Spork Consulting is a minority-owned business based in Anchorage, Alaska. Founded in 2014, Spork has completed a range of food systems assessments, programs, and projects throughout the state and the lower-48.


Spork offers a wide range of services focused on understanding and enhancing food security. We strive to integrate concepts of environmental, economic, and social sustainability as well as self-sufficiency and health to improve, directly or indirectly, community food security.  We work with our clients to develop the tools and guiding documents you need to make informed decisions, craft convincing arguments, and turn visions into reality.


Melissa Heuer, Spork Principal. Melissa's background includes specialized skills-based knowledge in systems thinking and mapping as well as project management experience focused on food-based system dynamics. This specialized knowledge is rooted in an educational background with a BS in Biology from the University of Fairbanks, an MBA in Systems Thinking from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and a specialized Masters Certificate on the Business and Dynamics of Food and Agriculture. With an additional specialty focused on Alaskan food systems, Spork has dedicated experience in a wide range of projects dealing with all aspects of rural and urban food issues spanning across the often logistically unique and culturally diverse landscape of Alaska. 


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